MDV Folder Titanium

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You can find these in the Blem page.. 

Click here for MDV TI Folder Blem 


Watch for V2 in the New year. 

 2 Years in the making 150,000.00+ invested we finally have a few overruns from the first special contract of these. This contract over run has no logo on them for Special Squirrely reasons. The ones available later in 2023 will have logos. 

 We had hoped to have a full shipment of the civilian versions of this available but welcome to 2022. We are happy to be able to release a handful of contract overruns. 

 This knife came from the minds of Michael Donvito and Jack Nevils, based on the Grays Custom/Michael Donvito designed MDV fixed blade. 

 We collaborated with Bram Frank on the Bramph friction opening feature and are honored to do so. 

 There are 2 versions of this knife. Titanium body D2 steel blade and D2 body and D2 Blade. Find the Steel version on a different weblink. 

 This is a specialty folding knife for the serious person. This is a folding knife that both Jack and Mike believe is worthy of being called a personal protection knife. 

5" Closed

7.5" Open
.20 lb 

Titanium Body with Frame lock on the right side of the body (for special reasons, explained in the videos) 

D2 Steel Blade with the MDV fixed blade geometry 

High texture scale.

Glass Breaker. 

This folder is designed to work the same as the MDV Fixed blade and can do all it does as well as fold to be carried in the pocket. Check out the videos on our YouTube page. 

MDV Folder Trainers also available in Titanium and Steel body in the Training tools category on the website. 

You may have issue with the Glass breaker coming loose which is why we are offering this product at this price. Most people take the glass breaker out so they can wrap their thumb around the back of the knife in ice pick grip. 

This might be the best designed folder every manufactured for personal protection.