Skallywag Razor (Double Grind)

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Grays Custom Designed, built by Skallywag

We are so happy to finally be able to release this as a Skallywag Production Blade. This is the original blade that started it all. Often called an intimidation blade of sorts, this is a blade that is part art, part slasher, and all Pirate. You will be hard pressed to find a blade with this much function and character in one package.

This is and always has been a Grays Custom design and is still available in a hand made version from Grays Custom in the 500-800 dollar range.

The Scales is a inset textured scale like the Blackwater fixed blade, our signature texture. Also, different from the Grays version this is not a chisel grind, this is a duel grind blade. Surprise !!

D2-Tool Steel

G-10 inset textured scales

Custom hardware

11 5/8" Overall Length

5.5" Sharpened Edge

3/16 " Thick

.55 Lb.

Comes with Black Kydex Sheath


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