Law Enforcement Specific Skallywag Training Clearbrook, Minnesota June 2-3

Law Enforcement Specific Skallywag Training Clearbrook, Minnesota June 2-3

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>> 16 hours post credit for Minnesota Law Enforcement<< 



Edged Weapon Countermeasures & Duty Knife Integrated Tactics

A two-day training event designed to equip Law Enforcement Officers with advanced personal protection skill sets. Principle based tactics, techniques, and procedures are taught to enhance the officer’s ability to survive hostile/ extremely violent encounters while on and off duty.  

Defense and Use of Edged Weapons

Summary: Introduction to edged weapons, using the edge weapon as a tool, and weapons disarming.  Common attacks, ambush strategies, and techniques to survive them are covered in detail. Defensive techniques are taught for scenarios involving ambushes from standing, that end up on the ground, and with multiple opponents. 

Integrated Fighting Strategies

Summary: This module addresses defensive skills and procedures used in close proximity ambushes against one or multiple adversaries. This block of instruction covers basic non-technical defenses against common armed and unarmed attacks.  The subject matter details various methods on how to manipulate one’s adversaries and set the conditions to employ weapons quickly. This module reinforces getting tools / weapons in one’s hands as fast as possible to increase one’s efficiency, range, and effectiveness. The officer will be taught how to integrate empty hands, edged, and ballistic weapons together for close proximity fighting against multiple opponents.