Blemished Blades

Regular price $130.00

 This is a selection of blades we have saved over the months with cosmetic issues. Scratches, coating issues and the like. There is no issue with the mechanical, structural or steel on these blades.

These blades are sold as is and all sales are final. No Refunds on Blem blades so make sure you are ok with a scratched blade being worth the deep discount.

If you are going to work these blades as designed this is a great value. Every one has a different quality issue but the bottom line is none of these blades passed our final inspection before they went out the door. Some of them you will struggle to find what small detail we did not like about them. Some of them you will notice right away.

These are very limited in quantity. Use the pull down menu for what blades are available and its price. there are no pictures of the issues. These are first come first serve items. 

 Karambits have a sheath retention issue and or scratches on the coating. 

We suggest upgrading to the better Karambit sheath available here:

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