Training Event with Michael Donvito - Gulf Breeze, Florida May 15-16

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 We are proud to announce Skallywag Training. These courses will be instructed by Michael Donvito, Jimmy Terrell and Bull Adams. To read their Bio's click on the link below. There will be about self defense/offense. Michael has agreed to lower the price of admission for Skallywag Crew. 

If you have questions about this course reach out to us at or

Here is Michaels Bio:

Course outline as follows

Skallywag Training Outline *

*Subject Matter can and will be dependent on those attending.  The group will guide our Cadre on what areas of instruction is most desired for their personal development.

 Day 1

  1. The Guardian: Combat Centric Training
  • Understanding the Design and Original Purpose
  • Elimination of Enemy Personnel
  • Intro to Killology
  • The Skallywag Tactical Dagger and/or the Guardian in a CQB Environment


  1. Integrated Fighting Methodology
  • EDC Weapons Integration
  • Hand, Knife, Pistol
  • Non Telegraphic Striking
  • Concealed Edged Weapons Employment
  • Concealed Pistol Employment
  • Weapons Retention
  • The Pistol as a Fighting Tool

-     Striking Methods

-     Retention Shooting

-     Advanced Pistol Craft

Day 2

 Personal Defense: Mindset and Skill Enhancement

  • Introduction: Mental Aspects of Hostile Conflict Resolution
  • “The Mind as the Weapon” Principle
  • Mindset and Strategies for Confrontation
  • Dirty Fighting Tactics     
  • Armed & Unarmed Edged Weapon Defense (High and Low Intensity)
  • Edged Weapon and Pistol Disarms/ Takeaways
  • Getting Off the Ground / Accessing Concealed Weapons in a grounded fight
  • Identifying and Utilizing Weapons of Opportunity

We will have some stuff planned for fun on Saturday night. We will have hotel discounts for you. We recommend for both classes to come in Friday night and give you enough room to get out Sunday Night.  

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