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The Shaver is coming back early in July 2024 put your email in the notify me when back in stock tab on this page so you will know when they drop !! 

 Part of the Buccaneer series, we present the Shaver

The blade that saved Beatrix Kiddo from being buried alive!!

This blade has been around for hundreds of years.. 

 We called it the Shaver but its more of a boot knife or carry just in case as a back up.. These will come sharp but not shaving sharp. If you want them to shave you will have to sharpen them to a razor edge. They are a zero grind which means the grind ends in zero not a land so with a few swipes on a stone you can have a true shaving razor. We did not put a shaving edge on as they are not a lock knife and if you close one on a finger when shaving sharp its a bad thing.. for those who do want to shave there are hundreds of YouTube videos showing how to make it that way.. 

 Many of us are old school and remember the say when people used to carry these as a tool.. You decide how you want to use it !