The Skallywag way.

Our mission is to manufacture the highest quality tools for people whose lives depend on it. US Veteran-owned and operated, we are passionate about providing not only tools, but also a turnkey solution including training, product support, and customer relations unlike any other in the industry.
Precise inspection processes are controlled from the development, manufacturing, and quality assurance aspect across our entire collection. Our company has and will always keep honor and integrity at the forefront of our business. Owning a piece of our labor does not just make you a customer; it makes you part of our family.

Return Policy:

Tools/knives have a warranty against manufacture defects for life within designed use. Prying, throwing, or otherwise abusing the tool is not covered, and it is at our discretion to determine if the tool or knife has been used outside of its designed purpose.

Clothing and swag items are non refundable, we would never send you a shirt out of its sealed package that someone all ready tried on. Gross!! Shirts fit to size, so know you're real size not the one you wish you were, if your hat does not fit gift it to someone. 

All sales are final and are only available for exchange other than specific one-on-one cases to be determined by us.

All shipping for returns is at the customer's expense and is not refundable.

Any questions about our policies, please contact Sales@Skallywagtactical.com.