Skallywag Aluminum Dagger (Not Trainer)

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The Aluminum version is ideal for those who are concerned about weight and take this tool for what its intended design was. It is a great option for running, biking, nature walks, or the individual in need of a light weight defensive tool. Our female population has been very receptive of the aluminum dagger as well due to its lightweight nature. One more benefit to this option for our LEO community is its use as a tertiary option when seconds count and you are in need of space. 

THE SIDES ARE NOT SHARP. They are not meant it be.

This blade will not tolerate being thrown at trees or bounced off concrete or used outside of its intended use.

Like the D2 Dagger the sides are ground to only a 40 degree angle, this is not a knife its a dagger. This is done to provide strength in the tip. The sides of the dagger are NOT SHARP. They are NOT meant to be. 

The Molle sheath has been upgraded with a new clip with much better retention for IWB/OWB carry or just putting it on a backpack or inside a purse.

6061 Aluminum

Anodize coating

7.75" Overall

2.5" edge

.25" thick

.10 lb

The Aluminum Dagger will fit in the D2 Dagger sheath which will accommodate Molle Loks, Tek Lok and Iwb clips.

It will also fit our upgraded dagger sheaths available from J&G Design available on our website.

Dagger trainers are also available for purchase as this is NOT A TOY.


THE SIDES ARE NOT SHARP. They are NOT meant to be.