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Skallywag BBQ Set !! 

 Who does not like to BBQ and there is no better way to BBQ then with your very own Skallywag BBQ Set. 

 No matter what you cook on your grill or outdoor kitchen there is something in this set for the most picky BBQ man or woman. 

Included in the set:

1.) Full Damascus VG10 110 Layer  8" Chef Knife with Rosewood Handle

2.) Meat Fork with Rosewood Handle. 

3.) Spatula with Rosewood Handle.

4.) Tongs with Rosewood Handle.

5.) Basting Brush with Rosewood Handle. 

6.) Poultry/Meat Shears with Rosewood Handle.

7. ) Meat Tempture Probe. (FREE) 

8.) Bottle and Wine Opener  

9.) Skallywag Leather Knife roll

 Temp probe does not come with a Battery. You will need a LG13 or LR44 to make it work. This item was also included in the set for free and not calculated into the price of the set. We dont like the battery compartment and the way it fits so we did not charge you for it.. Put a LG13/LR44/303/357 battery in it and you might have to tape the cap closed..