Skallywag Flagship T-Shirt

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Skallywag Tactical is proud to run this collaboration with Nine Line Apparel we are one of the few companies they have allowed us to include the Nine Line logo on the sleeve.  

Skallywag Flagship T-shirt 

Black Shirt with a off white Skallywag logo in the front

The assaulting US Flag on the right sleeve with Skallywag under it.

The left Sleeve features the Nine Line logo 

and on the back the H.L. Mencken quote

"Every Normal Man Must Be Tempted, at times to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag and begin slitting throats." 

100% combed ring spun cotton these shirts are pre-shrunk and fit true to size

 While you are grabbing one of these remember to grab one for your girl cause she is going to steal this from you.. Girls love this shirt.