Skallywag For Life T-shirt

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You are part of the crew and once you sign on with blood you are on the ship for life. 

Might as well let people around you know you have an edge they might not understand.

Charcoal Black Shirt with off white distressed Ship and mermaids at sea with treasure and skulls.. who could ask for more.

Tri-blend shirts. Soft, comfortable like your old favorite T-shirt. 

50% Polyester, 25% Cotton 25% Rayon 

Tri-blends fit to size but if you are really a XL and stuff yourself in a Large its going to be a little snug.. be honest on your size

If you order the wrong size and open the protective bag we can not take them back, give them to a friend and make someones day, we would never send you a shirt someone else tried on..