MDV Trainer (Blue)

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MDV Trainer.

This run is a re-make run and has no logo or subdued logo.  This is a trainer, no frills. Does not come with sheath. You may find you will have to wrap the trainer to fit the sheath (Rhino). We make the sheath for the live blade not the trainer and the material for the trainers is a bit thinner.. This run is also a re-worked run to make some trainers available to our professionals. If we did not do this re-work run we would be out of stock for at least 4 months on trainers. At the price we are selling these for we are losing over 30.00 on each of these trainers, this is only being done so we can a viable trainer to the people that need them the most right now. 

6061 Aluminum Training blade

Blue Anodized.

Only comes with trainer no sheath or accessories.