MDV Plus One

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COMES WITH THE RHINO SHEATH!!! The Rhino Sheath was designed only for pocket carry. If you want a sheath that clips or attaches to anything please also purchase the MDV Retention Sheath on the Sheath Page. 

Because of issues the MDV now ships with the Covenant Rhino sheath to do this we have had to raise the price of the MDV to cover the cost of the hand made very specific sheath. The Rhino sheath is open at the top, its not broken it is designed this way on purpose and the ranger bands need to stay on the sheath. 

 When buying the MDV please understand this is a knife that was designed for a professional. It will be different then what you have experienced before. Every angle, radius, edge and curve is specific to use. 

MDV +1 - D2 tool Steel 

This knife is the brain child of Michael Donvito as the best of the best in EDC blade technology. Designed by Knife maker/designer Javan Roberts of Grays Custom in cooperation with Mr. Donvito, every angle, edge, taper, radius and line on this knife was designed around a purpose and use

If you have been looking for the very best in a daily carry knife, you just found it. 

 6 3/4" Overall

 3" cutting edge

 Chisel Grind 

 .20 LBS

 D2 Tool Steel.

Trainer and Monkey Tape are available separate on the website.  

The MDV is designed to be carried in the pocket. This is why the sheath does not have a clip on it. If you choose to mount a clip to it, please understand the sheath is not 100% designed for this type of use even though you can do it. This sheath uses friction to hold the sheath on so you can rip the sheath off using the Rhino horn, not snap retention like you would normally see on a belt worn sheath. 

You can find training content on both the Skallywag and The Elite You, YouTube pages, you also have the opportunity to purchase a 20 hour long training course on this knife taught by Michael Donvito for around 100.00 That is an exceptional value considering Michael charges 600.00 for a two day 16 hour course. Go to and then click on the On Demand section of the site. Happy Training !