MDV Plus One

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 MDV Plus One

This knife is the brain child of Michael Donvito as the best of the best in EDC blade technology. Designed by Knife maker/designer Javan Roberts of Grays Custom in cooperation with Mr. Donvito, every angle, edge, taper, radius and line on this knife was designed around a purpose and use. This blade will come with its trainer and 2 sheaths. A standard carry sheath and a very special sheath designed by Mr Donvito working with Covenant Design. This will be the center piece blade that our training will be based on and we are in production of instructional videos right now. 

If you have been looking for the very best in a daily carry knife, you just found it. 

6 3/4" Overall

3" cutting edge

Chisel Grind 

.20 LBS

D2 Tool Steel

Comes with 2 Sheaths