D2 Dagger - Damascus

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Skallywag Limited Edition Damascus Dagger. 


CNC milled from a billet of Damascus Steel this is the original Skallywag blade manufactured for our guys going down range. We have perfected this life saving tool and are proud to still bring it to you. The blade is precision milled, heat treated to a HRC of 58-60. The edge of the blade is ground only to a 40-degree angle to provide a following edge to the point..

The Dagger was designed to be a stabbing weapon to create distance between you and a bad guy. The large ring at the top allows the blade to be a gross motor skill tool using one or two fingers to anchor your grip, and is easily used with tactical gloves.

The Dagger was designed to get you home safe and sound.

Comes with the single row molle sheath. Other sheaths available on the store. 

.25 lb

7.75" overall

2.5" blade

The Edge of the Dagger is only ground to a 40 degree angle as a following edge to the point.. it is not meant to be sharp like a knife.