Seal™ Water Filter

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Similar to the Mariner and Rainstick, the Seal is your all in one water filter solution

4 Pack

For use in FRESH or SALT water. Removes more than 93% of salt from sea water.

Just drop in water and let hydrate for a clean, refreshing sports drink.

Blocks bacteria, viruses, and cysts. Pore size: 0.0007 Micron

  • Easy to Use
  • Non-Clogging
  • Nutrients
  • High Reliability


Simply place the dry pouches in the water source. In open water, use the provided net and tether to life raft or other object. The Seal will swell over time as water flows through the membrane wall into a pouch. When finished, simply poke with the included straw and drink.


•• Consume drink within 24hours of placing pouch in water. Pouch cannot be re-used. Do not use in antifreeze. Use in natural waters. Do not use in industrial waste waters.


Made in the USA