Skallywag da Vinci Shirt

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This is our take on the Leonardo da Vinci Vitruvian Man

This will allow others to understand how you have made that transition from Military to a Pirate. One side of the man is a full blow operator and the other shows the transition to an equally formidable Pirate. 

 You do not have to be an operator to wear this shirt as you are just supporting that transition and understanding that can be a painful process. In truth we all have a little bit of Pirate in us.

100% Ring Spun Cotton pre-shrunk Black shirt, with off white modern take of the Vituvian Man on front center. 

Skallywag US Assaulting Flag on the right sleeve and the Nine Line Logo on the left.

On the back is a quote we took from Major Rusty Bradleys Book "Lions of Kandahar."

"Its better to live one day as a lion then a hundred years as a sheep" 

The original quote was by 

Benito Mussolini but it sure sounds better when Rusty says it. 

Some of these shirts are back to front.