Ranger Bands for the MDV Sheath

Ranger Bands for the MDV Sheath

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Package comes with 10 bands

These are the Ranger Bands for MDV Sheath. these can also be used to silence items..

  • EPDM rubber provides an excellent combination of durability and stretch.
  • Ranger Bands easily secure everything from your ferro rod to a lobster claw to extension cords.
  • Can be used as emergency tinder for fire starting; each Ranger Band burns hot and bright for at least a minute.
  • Use Ranger Bands to silence clanking or rattling gear like dogtags, to secure weapon slings when not in use, for EDC pocket gear retention, and much more.
  • Made in the USA; Berry Compliant.


  • Small: 0.875 in. flattened length x 0.5 in. width x 0.040 in. wall thickness