MDV Aluminum Live Blade (Not Trainer)

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This is a product brought forward by Michael Donvito for a very specific purpose. these will only come with the aluminum live blade and a retention sheath. 

Super Light EDC Fixed Blade 2022 // One time Use! // Aluminum MDV

Skallywag Tactical presents an aluminum version of the popular MDv Plus One fixed blade.  

The purpose of this tool remains the same as the D2 version: personal protection.  The aluminum material provides a very light single use option.  It’s meant for those looking to have a tool for personal protection but feel the D2 version is too heavy for that particular activity.  For example, while running or at the gym or wearing a suit.  IT IS NOT MEANT FOR CONTINUOUS USE LIKE THE D2 VERSION. The Aluminum MDV comes with the flat sheath and has no clip as its designed to be carried in the pocket, we do suggest you grab a Rhino sheath with your purchase. 


Due to it being made out of aluminum, it will dull very quickly and is not meant to be/ will be very difficult to resharpen after one hard use.  It is very sharp and will do the job you choose for it.  Whether its to defend yourself/loved one, or as an expensive option to cut open a box. 

The aluminum will more than likely have served its purpose after that event.  If that purpose is for personal protection, it will be more than worth the purchase price.  If you choose to open a few boxes with it, that is your choice and we hope you found value in your expensive one time box opener!

The Aluminum MDV + 1 is the same size as the D2 Version please see that page for dimensions.